Medical Tour Coordinator

Medical Tour Coordinator

Field expert in the medical tourism industry, “medical tour coordinator”

Movements to revitalize the domestic medical tourism industry are becoming more concrete.

As the homepage of the Korea International Medical Service Council was opened and the direction of the medical tourism industry became more concrete, various movements are taking place in each field. In the travel industry, several inbound travel agencies are preparing specific strategies to attract foreigners using local networks.

The Korea Medical Tourism Professional Education Center (Education Center for Opening the Future) will start the ‘Medical Tour Coordinator Training Course’ on July 22 (Sunday) by newly supplementing the ‘Medical Tourism Professional Training Program’ prepared over the past year. do.

This course started as the Korea Tourism Interpreter in 1988, was the first T/C training course in Korea in 1994, established the International Conference Specialist Education Center in 1997, and established the Korea Hospital Service Management Center in 1999. It is a specialized course that contains the know-how of education that opens the future.

It aims to nurture the most elite medical tourism field experts with a systematic curriculum, faculty composed of top experts, educational contents centered on practical work and case studies, and establishment of a network of experts in related fields.

The main training targets are medical service workers (hospital coordinators, physical therapists, nurses, etc.), tourism service workers (excluding tour interpreter and T/C license holders), and workers in other related industries.

Education that opens the future

Education that opens the future was established in 1989 and is a lifelong education center that operates cultural and service planning and marketing education programs for adults. As an affiliated educational institution, there are International Conference Specialist Education Center, Korea Hospital Service Management Center, Korea PR Specialist Education Center, Korea Medical Tourism Specialist Education Center, Korea Sports Management Education Center, Korea Real Estate Developer Education Center, Cooking Art Center, etc.

‘International Medical Tourism Coordinator’, a leading player of Medical Hallyu

The Korea International Medical Tourism Convention was successfully held.

This event was hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization, KINTEX, and Financial News and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Medical institutions, U-Healthcare companies, and associations participated in this event.

With the participation of medical institutions such as Hanyang University International Hospital, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Oracle Dermatology Department, foreign visitors, domestic and foreign buyers, and students, the most outstanding role in this event was the international medical tourism coordinator.

The international medical tourism coordinators attracted the attention of the participants with their friendly manners and various services such as consultation, procedure simulation, and health check of visitors, and played a role in improving the quality of medical services in Korea.

On the 20th, the third day of the event, a ‘medical tourism employment briefing session’ was held for students who dream of becoming international medical tourism coordinators. This day’s medical tourism employment briefing session consisted of an overview and prospects for the international medical tourism coordinator’s certificate, the need for education, and employment cases of incumbent medical tourism coordinators, emphasizing the necessity of training for medical tourism experts.

Accordingly, the International Medical Tourism Coordinator Training Center conducts offline education to nurture medical tourism experts in order to cultivate talented people with excellent abilities and qualifications.

The curriculum of the International Medical Tourism Coordinator Training Center is not a simple interpreter-oriented education, but it is essential It is an education about qualifications, and it is a curriculum that can prepare for the national qualification exam that will be implemented from next year.

The international medical tourism coordinator training is held every Sunday from 2pm to 7pm for 5 hours for a total of 10 weeks.

For more information on how to apply for international medical tourism coordinator offline training, visit the International Medical Tourism Coordinator Education Center website (

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