New horizons for CETMo

The Terra de Montes Ethnographic Center, located in Soutelo de Montes, Forcarei City Council, recently gained new momentum at the VERBO XIDO Association General Assembly on 3 July, with the election of the Board of Directors chaired by Gumersindo Guinarte Cabada. Born in Castrelo, Gumersindo Guinarte Cabada accepts the challenge set by the association, and VERBO XIDO’s Bulletin No. 24 (February 2010) published in an editorial: To work in the network with more professional management and more ambitious work “. Special work was done both in the improvement and in the promotion and dissemination of Terra de Montes culture. A new team, we have exciting but ambitious challenges ahead that we hope to undertake.”

The decision to select the management team for the ethnographic center was made at the VERBO XIDO Association General Assembly, which agreed that a museum with more than 800 works and an important library/archival should have a prominent team. Professionals who provide knowledge with the autonomy of the association and focus their work on the enhancement and management of CETMO itself. This team consists of:

  • President: Gumersindo Guinarte Cabada, born in Castrelo, Professor of Law, University of Santiago, Secretary-General of the University of Santiago, Deputy Minister of the People and Secretary-General of the President’s Office, with extensive experience in management and institutional relations Emilio Pérez Touriño government.
  • Vice-President: Alfredo González Ruibal, from Soutelo de Montes, founder of the Ethnographic Center and promoter of the project, one of Galicia’s most complete sculpture collections. History graduate Alfredo González now combines his work as a CSIC researcher with archaeological missions in Eastern Europe and Africa.
  • Secretary: Concha Otero Alonso, born in Sanguñedo, secondary school teacher in Vigo and active advocate of sustainable development of the environment and rural environment.
  • collection:

Dionisio Pereira, resident of Cerdedo, historian recognized for his work on social movements in Galicia; Coordinator of the province of Pontevedra in the Interuniversity project “Victims, Names and Voices”. Member of the Advisory Board of the Cultural and Maritime Heritage Specialist Museo do Mar de Galicia.

Luis Gil Pita from Serdedo is an architect by profession. He has compiled various catalogs of architectural and ethnographic heritage, and has experience in renovation and exhibition projects.

A native of Avila, Beatriz García González is a museologist, cultural consultant and director of the “e-bubble” company.

Francisco Vieitez Cendón from Soutelo de Montes, Entrepreneur and Cultural Advisor in Culture and Communications.

In addition, a person who holds a financial position on the Board of Directors of the VERBO XIDO Association will also be a member of this Board.

In a few days, the team will meet to create a proposal for medium-term work, and immediately, President Gumersindo Guinarte will focus on announcing this new project by contacting local agencies, municipalities and groups. An integrated and open project that has the greatest possible social participation and contributes to the creation of a broad and high-quality cultural proposition in Terra de Montes ”.

Meanwhile, the association VERBO XIDO is awaiting a favorable resolution of the grant requested by the LEADER program through GDR 20, which carries out the Secretariat by the Standing Committee, improving and updating the museum discourse taking into account the gender perspective. , ICT use and networking with other groups within the region.

As we said in newsletter number 24, “Then it will be an exciting time for CETMO.”