In 2018, Grissom Air Reserve Base (ARB) and the surrounding community and stakeholders, completed its first Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). The JLUS was a community-driven planning effort, which sought ways to reduce military operational impacts on adjacent lands, to protect the health and safety of the surrounding population, and to maximize compatible economic development potential of the Grissom Aeroplex. The JLUS was completed by a team led by White & Smith Planning and Law Group. The final JLUS Report can be found under the “Project Materials” tab above.

The JLUS evaluated current and anticipated land use compatibility between civilian and military land uses in the vicinity of Grissom ARB. Based on those analytical findings, which are described and illustrated in the JLUS Report, a series of recommendations were made for maintaining and enhancing long-term compatibility between Grissom ARB and the surrounding community. These are detailed in Chapter 6 of the report and summarized in the Executive Summary.

Implementation of the JLUS’s highest priority recommendations is currently underway and is referred to as “JLUS Implementation.” The project was initiated in August 2019 and also is being completed by White & Smith, along with CHA and Marstel-Day, LLC. A steering committee of community stakeholders has been appointed to manage the project.

Click on the “JLUS Implementation Process” tab above for a description of the work plan and what you can expect during this fifteen-month project.


The primary objectives of the JLUS Implementation project are to:

  1. Achieve long-term protection of the off-installation areas near the runway, which are critical to the mission of the 434th Air Refueling Wing (434 ARW).
  2. Ensure local zoning codes are consistent with the Air Force’s compatible land use guidelines.
  3. Ensure current and future property owners and businesses are well-informed and aware of 434 ARW operations and impacts.
  4. Formalize coordination between nearby property owners, local governments, and Grissom ARB regarding land development activities that could impact or be impacted by 434 ARW operations, including those related to renewable energy projects.
  5. Develop a single, coordinated website that will serve as a centralized location for materials and activities related to ongoing joint land use and compatibility planning efforts in the community.