The Grissom ARB JLUS was developed by the consultants in coordination with the Miami County Economic Development Authority, with input from the public, and under the guidance of the Steering Committee. More information on the Steering Committee, which includes the Policy Committee and the Technical Working Group, can be found under the “JLUS Partners” tab above.

Public input was critical to the JLUS, and there were multiple opportunities for community members to provide information, ask questions, and provide comments. Public meetings were held throughout the JLUS process to inform the community of the Study’s progress and to seek input for the process and draft deliverables.

The Policy Committee approved the final recommendations included in the study based on the input from the Technical Working Group, the community, and Grissom ARB personnel.

Phase 1: Kickoff

May – June 2017

The Kickoff Phase included the initial Public and Steering Committee Meetings and interviews with key stakeholders in the North-Central Indiana community and at Grissom ARB. Key objectives of the Kickoff Phase were to introduce the JLUS to the community and receive feedback about base-community relationships, and begin data and information collection for the Study. Types and dates of meetings held in the Kickoff Phase are listed below.

  • Initial Public and Steering Committee Meetings (June 6-7, 2017) completed

  • Stakeholder Interviews (June 6-7, 2017) completed

Phase 2: Research and Analysis

June – October 2017

The Research and Analysis Phase was when the JLUS team conducted most of its research and performed initial analysis on compatibility issues involving Grissom ARB and the surrounding communities. The Research and Analysis Phase relied heavily on good document and data collection and information collected from the Stakeholder Interviews, which were conducted in the Kickoff Phase. There was one Steering Committee Meeting scheduled during the Research and Analysis Phase, shown below.

  • Steering Committee Meeting (October 10, 2017) completed

  • Public Meeting (October 10, 2017) completed

Phase 3: Refinement and Resolution

October 2017 – February 2018

In the Refinement and Resolution Phase, initial analyses were refined based on additional research and input from the Steering Committee and the public. Conflict resolution strategies and initial recommendations were also developed during this phase. Steering Committee and public feedback was key during this phase to ensure that all information was accurate.

  • Steering Committee Meeting (January 2018) completed

Phase 4: Report Recommendations

March – April 2018

In the Report Recommendations Phase, final analyses and recommendations were reviewed by the Steering Committee and the public. The JLUS was finalized and delivered at the end of this phase. The final Steering Committee and Public Meetings were held during this phase, listed below.

  • Final Steering Committee Meeting (April 2018) completed

  • Final Public Meeting (April 2018) completed